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What’s worse than a dirty tampon disposal? Nothing! Help solve that problem with these new disposal bags


The importance of cleanliness and sanitization is paramount in every public washroom space; however, we believe this standard is not upheld all the time. Do you know what bathroom disposal is most likely to be unlined? Feminine hygiene disposals. Having these feminine hygiene disposals unlined not only creates an unsightly mess, but also health and safety risks for the individuals using it and the janitorial staff servicing it.

Frost is proud to announce our new code: 621-P disposable high-density polyethylene liner for use with our feminine hygiene receptacles. Frost made this change because the new 621-P is much better suited across our family of products for a variety of reasons.

The new 621-P fits in all feminine hygiene receptacles that Frost offers (codes: 620, 622, 625, 633-2, 640, 641), whereas the old wax paper bags do not fit in all receptacles. With a liner that is better suited for the receptacle this results in improved hygiene and safety for individuals opening the receptacle and janitorial staff accessing it. The transparent colour of the feminine hygiene disposal bags helps to protect janitorial staff as there is less risk of needle sticks when emptying the liner, and the more versatile liner will contain all waste which prevents disease transmission from bloodborne pathogens. The HDPE material is also much stronger than the wax paper bags and less prone to rip and break.

From a cost perspective, this change provides a lot of benefits as a better fitting liner will result in less waste being flushed down the toilet which eliminates unnecessary plumbing costs; and with the shipping weight being approximately 38% less, distributors will save on shipping costs. Moreover, the HDPE bags are far more of a sustainable solution to wax paper bags as well, as High Density material sends 50% less material weight to landfills than a wax paper bag. Frost is proud to offer this improved solution to our customers and it is now available in stock.

Frost Sanitization


The COVID19 Pandemic has reminded us of the importance of cleanliness and sanitization in the workplace and public settings. Frost’s team of design engineers have been focusing on creating durable new products to support our customers’ growing sanitization needs.

In 2020, Frost has released several new manual and automatic bulk filled sanitizer dispensers, along with a high quality, professional, steel sanitizer dispenser stand. Frost has also created a hands-free bathroom door opener with our new code 1148.

In response to ongoing demand for hands-free waste receptacles, Frost is please to announce our new line of pedal operated waste cans. The new code 305 waste receptacle has flexible labeling to allow to the user to choose between regular waste, recycling, personal protective equipment, organics, or bio-hazard. The large toe pedal and hidden spring-loaded mechanisms eliminate pinch points. Dampers provide smooth and quiet opening and closing of the lid. Canadian made out of heavy 22 gauge steel provides long term durability and fire protection. It has a large capacity and includes both a bag holder ring and plastic liner, which means less frequent changing of bags.

• Large foot pedal with toe guard
• Spring loaded hidden operating mechanisms eliminate pinch points
• Dampers provide smooth and quiet opening and closing
• Flexible labeling included in two sizes (Waste, Recycling, PPE, Organics, and Biohazard)
• Comes with bag holder apparatus and plastic liner
• Plastic gliders protect floors
• Canadian made of all welded 22 gauge steel
• Complies with OSHA standards for containment of infectious waste

• The waste receptacle has a total capacity of 95.1 litres (25.1 US gal, 20.9 Imp. gal).
• Liner capacity of 58.2 litres (15.5 US gal, 12.8 Imp gal).

For more information on this item, along with our other sanitization solutions please visit our sanitization page on our website; https://www.frostproductsltd.com/cats/sanitization/

Stay safe and healthy,

Jamie Biggar

Director of Sales and Marketing


COVID-19 Update


Currently, news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is increasing speculation about the potential impact on business operations nationwide. We want to assure you that Frost Products Ltd. is taking appropriate precautions to not only protect our employees, customers, and business partners, but also to continue to meet your business needs. We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and have implemented every possible precaution to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. Additionally we understand that business must continue to operate and the supply chain must maintain functionality.

We have implemented a quarantine policy if any of our staff were to be infected as well for those who have recently traveled. We have also stepped up controls for guests entering and exiting our facilities, while increasing the quantity of hand sanitation stations available in our production facilities and offices. We have educated our staff of hygienic best practices that are recommended by the CDC and are mandating strict washing and sanitizing policies. 

At present, we remain fully operational and are here to support and serve you during this challenging time. As the situation evolves, we are closely monitoring updates from governments and health authorities and we are prepared to adapt policies and procedures in accordance with government recommendations. We will continue to communicate significant updates with you as they arise. 

As part of any Crisis Management Plan, it is important that we are considering the needs of all of our valued customers and are being proactive in addressing them. As such, we ask for your patience during this stressful time. Though we have been proactive in securing necessary raw materials to limit any production delays, we recognize that the global market forecast is increasingly uncertain and for that reason we ask for your patience in any fulfillment delays. Any forecasted demand on our customers behalf will be extremely helpful as we navigate this uncertainty and make the appropriate arrangements.

Holiday Hours and Information 2019


Holiday Hours and Information:

Please be advised that Frost will be closing from 12pm EST on Friday December 20th and reopening at 8:30am EST Monday January 6th 2020. Please consider placing any required stock orders by Friday December 13th to allow for shipping to send the goods prior to our closure. As you know, Frost will be implementing a new price list on January 1st 2020. We will accept all orders at 2018 pricing up to December 31st. If you require a copy of this new price list please contact us at info@frostproductsltd.com.


Happy Holidays

Jamie Biggar

Director of Sales and Marketing

New Price List Announcement


Effective January 1st, 2020 Frost will implement a new price list. Every effort has been made to control rising costs and keep increases to a minimum. All orders received prior to January 1st, 2020 for immediate delivery will be honored at current prices. In order to provide our customers cost certainty, we have decided to make this January 1st 2020 price list valid until December 31st 2021. Since our last price list in 2017, we are pleased that 40% of our products have seen no price increase and the average price increase is only 3.5%. Should you require additional copies of our 2020 price list or literature please contact our customer service department @ 1 800 667 5094 or email info@frostproductsltd.com.

Your support is always greatly appreciated and we wish you continued success in 2020 and for years to come.


Best Regards,

Jamie Biggar

Director of Sales and Marketing

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