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Barrier-Free access washroom guidelines: In washroom installations designed to accommodate people with limited mobility and wheelchairs, accessories should be mounted so that the operating features meet local building codes. Mounting requirements of accessories may vary depending on the location of accessories and the direction of reach required for use. As a general guideline operating features of accessories should be mounted “above the finished floor” to allow forward reach by people in wheelchairs. Throughout this catalogue a wheelchair symbol is used to identify models that are accessible when mounted at approved heights. The wheelchair symbol is also used to identify products specifically designed to assist people with limited mobility and provide barrier-free access.


protruding objects: Objects which protrude no more than 4″ (10cm) into pedestrian areas such as walkways, halls, corridors, passageways or aisles can be mounted at any height above the floor.

Detectable Objects: Objects with their leading edges mounted 26″ (68cm) or less above the floor may protrude any amount.

Installation Warning:

All wall mounted products must be installed by qualified trades persons. Installers must consult and comply with local building codes. Mounting hardware and other systems to be determined by contractor and installer pending specific structure, design, and conditions. All installations must be fully inspected and approved by property owners and maintenance personnel prior to product being put into use. Failure to comply to proper installation procedure will void warranty and may result in malfunctioning or injury.